I bought this sweet little album while visiting my sister in Vienna, Austria a few years ago. The markets there are filled with bins of old photographs, which I find both exciting and sad. It was little overwhelming, and I wish I could have bought so much more. This album with two little hearts and the word “Semmering,” must have been a souvenir from the Austrian town. The inside cover reads “Glucklicher Sommer 1944” which translates to “Happy Summer 1944.” The album has 13 photographs of young women taken between 1944 and 1950. Each photo has its own page and includes some combination of date, place, and the name of the woman in the photograph written in white ink. Some of the pages also include decorative drawings and borders. The women are:

  • Marga Stabler – Lauffen – 1944
    • The back of this photo says “Sulzback – [Ischl] 1944 Schwester Marga.” The last part translating to “Sister Marga”
  • Mitzi – [Bad Hehl] – 1944
  • Fritzi Morbitzer – Lauffen – 1945
  • Mitzi Steinkogler – Lauffen – 1945
    • The back of this one has writing on it, but I am unable to read it (and do not know german). I asked the subreddit /r/translator and they also found it difficult but one user was able to see the line “Meinem lieben kleinen” [my dear little]
  • [unidentified] – Lauffen – 1946
  • Cilli – Tamsweg – 1948
  • Rita Sehnal – Wien – 1946-48
    • This photo had the most writing. Redditor IvanZhukov was able to read: “Nicht wenn du mich siehst sollst du an mich denken, sondern wenn du an mich denkst sollst du mich sehen. Zur Erinnerung für meinen Lurchy von Rita 19. Dez. 1948” which they said translates to “Not when you see me you shall think of me, but when you think of me, you shall see me. As a memento/keepsake for my Lurchy, from Rita December 19, 1948”
  • Gertrude Brandeisky [or Brandejsky] – Wein – 1947-49
  •  Hilda – [Bad Hehl] – 1949
  • [unidentified] – Lauffen – 1950
  • [unidentified] – Wien – 1949
  • Edith Krainer – Wien – 1950
  • Edith Bamnig – Wien – 1949

Though I have not found much on these women specifically, their surnames have turned up results on Jewish family research sites. I wonder what their lives were like in Austria during these years. I wonder about the creator of the album. Was this a list of girlfriends or friends? Why do some have a range of years and others have just one year? The little book is so lovingly put together.


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