This set of five photos show the the costumed participants of a Homecoming Parade float in October of 1947. The back of each photograph gives the name and date of the subjects, who may be college students. The young women are identified as:

Helen Croback, Hilda Dubziak, Betty English, Thora Felts, Pat Hammel, Virginia Holcomb, Lou Ann Klus, Marge Little, Marge Lowe, Claire Popplewell, Carolyn Schwomeyer, Betty Strols, and a woman only identified as “Me.”

Their float theme has them dressed as different decades, from 1910-1940 all marked with a pennant flag. My favorite is the 1930’s interpretation with her rolled down stockings and lips painted on her knees, something I’ve seen done in fashion history books.

Despite the names being included, I have yet to find out where this took place. I keep trying to search their names or a few of the names together in one search, but have had no luck yet. I wish I could see the sign on the float of the last picture.