One of the things I look for when picking out photographs from a bin of images in a shop, or online, is one that tells me a story. Even without any writing or identification some photos just spark your imagination and you can dream up the personalities of the subject or the circumstance of the photo being taken. This image actually had a lovely memory handwritten on the back, I would be so happy it if every photograph came with a personal story!

The cabinet card was produced by A.K.P. Trask in late 19th century Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The woman in the photograph is fairly plain, wearing earrings, a necklace, and a broach at the top of her buttoned up dress or jacket. Her hair is tight against her scalp and at some point, either by the studio or someone else, hair has been drawn on to the photo. What makes this photograph one of my favorites is the information on the back.

Though it isn’t very visible in the scan, someone has written “Aunt Kate Conar” on the back. This info is usually all I hope to get, but there is a memory lovingly written of the writers grandmother, Kate Conar, and her husband:

“This is grandma. Grandma was a good old soul and she used to bake the pies we only read about now. She lived in the country and I went to visit her. While in the country I gathered the eggs every morning and spent long days in the attic. One day while I was gathering eggs my foot slipped and I let the eggs fall from the loft on grandad who was pitching hay below. Grandad looked like an egg custard with straws in it to drink from.”

How beautiful is that?