This small dark green album, with a sun design and “Photo-Graphs” label on the cover, was bought somewhere in Nova Scotia. Though I do not remember when or where I got it, I know it was one of the first albums I bought. My collection started with photographs purchased in Nova Scotia while on vacation with my parents. Mainly in the Annapolis Valley, I loved going into little antique shops and picking through the various items, looking for antique clothing, gloves, and anything else that caught my eye. I’m not sure what my first photo purchase was, but I remember looking through boxes of cheaply priced loose images, mixing families, size, and era.  I remember one  shop owner who loved that I was so interested in these tossed aside photographs, and gave me three times the amount I picked out, for the same price.

The photos in this album have no identification. Most are easily removed from the album, but there is nothing written on the backs. The images show a group of family or friends that appear to be traveling. There are pictures of beaches, sailboats, ruins, and other outdoor scenes. I occasionally pick up the little book and try and figure out where exactly the images could have been taken. There are two photos showing part of a sign with the word “CALBY”, and another image with a place name ending in “LINGTON.” The style of the signs are the same, and the setting looks like they might be train stations. In another photograph, a man stands next to a sign that says Tuxford Newark. Tuxford is a town in Nottinghamshire, and the images look like a they could very well be in that part of England. Hopefully someone will see this who recognizes the area.


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